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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Secret's Out!

Dear Baby,
    Daddy & I have finally told everybody about you!  We are so excited to share the news of your arrival with all our family & friends.  We decided not to wait the 2 extra weeks because we feel that with the miracle we have witnessed, we need all the prayers we can get to ensure that you remain healthy & strong.  Everybody has been so supportive & they are all excited for us.  Lots of people have stated that Daddy & I are going to be great parents to you, so let's hope that as you get older, you agree.   :D
    We are now just taking things one day at a time & counting down to each appointment to get the next update.  I am going to continue to do nothing but sit down.  Daddy has taken over all the housework & chores because he wants me to be as relaxed & stress free as possible so that I can continue to keep you safe from harm. 
    I continue to pray everyday for your health & safety & I know that God is protecting you.  Daddy & I have waited so long for you arrive & I think he knows how devastating it would be if something happened.  I hope that while you are growing, that somehow, you can feel all this love that we have for you. 
    Now that people know about you, they are making bets as to whether you will be a boy or a girl.  So far, Grandpa is the only one convinced that you are a boy.  Everybody else that we have talked to believes that you are a girl.  Daddy & I still don't have an opinion, we are just happy to have you no matter what!  It will be interesting in a few more months to see who was right!
    We love you sweetheart & you hang in there & don't ever give up because we will never give up on you! Sweet dreams & happy growing our love.

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