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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

8 Weeks

Dear Baby,
    Mommy is 8 weeks pregnant with you today.  It's still so amazing!  I just can't wait to see your face & Grandma & Grandpa are getting anxious too.  Yesterday they spent all day "window shopping" for you since it's too early to buy anything yet.  Yesterday, Daddy & I started to try & prepare our cat Kaylie for your arrival. You will love her.  She is so soft & fun to pet! 
    Not too much has happened since the last time I wrote to you.  I still feel a little cruddy.  You made me very nausea today, but I didn't get sick, I just felt cruddy.  It's OK though, I know that means you are growing.  You are now the size of a kidney bean.  That is so amazing to me.  4 weeks ago you weren't able to be seen with the naked eye & now you are 5/8 of an inch! 
    Daddy & I go to the doctor on Friday to have another Ultra Sound, so we will get to see you again & hear your little heart beat.  Daddy is very excited since he wasn't able to go to the last one. 
    I'm running late this evening.  Grandma & I stopped by BabiesRUs to look around.  We didn't get anything, but we have already picked out your high chair, so that is one thing we can check of our list!  I'm going to eat some dinner so I can head to bed.  I was very busy at work today & am so tired.  You have a wonderful night & sleep tight my love.

***Note to blog readers:  I have uploaded the first ultra sound photo on the blog entitled "Big Scare".  You can all finally see the baby (sort of) LOL!***

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