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Friday, September 24, 2010

It's a Miracle!

Dear Baby,
    Mommy had her ultrasound today to see if you still had a heartbeat & she couldn't believe the news she received!  Daddy took me to my appointment & your heart was still beating at a strong 168 beats per minute.  The tech looked at me and asked in an annoyed tone, "Why are you even having this ultrasound?  I'm not the doctor, but there is nothing wrong with your baby".  I was upset that she was asking me this & making a comment given that the whole reason we were there was to see if you were still alive.  I explained the situation to her & she stated, "Well, again, I'm not the doctor & you will have to talk to him, but your cervix is closed & the baby is nowhere near the cervix".  I just laid there completely stunned.  What in the wold was she talking about?!
   Daddy & I met with Dr. Shoenmaker & my mind was racing.  I had no idea what was going on.  He came into the office & looked at me said that he doesn't know how & he doesn't know why & he has never seen this before, but somehow, you have completely moved to the other side of my uterus away from my cervix!  He said that you are no longer in danger & that there is no reason to believe that you would not survive!  He stated that before a miscarriage occurs, you would stop growing because my body would cut off the nutrients to you to prepare for your passing.  However, as the doctor stated, "You are growing like a weed"!  Daddy & I are completely shocked.  I informed him what Dr. Griffin had said on Tuesday & how she had used the words "inevitable" & "unpreventable".  He stated that the information we had on Tuesday was correct, but now things have completely changed 180%.  He said that you now look like any other normal pregnancy & your heart rate is normal, you are growing normally & he sees absolutely NOTHING of concern!  He told me to go home & enjoy the rest of my pregnancy & fully expects that we will get to meet you next April when you are do & he fully expects that you will be completely healthy!
    Needless to say, Daddy & I are so excited!  We are still in shock over the wonderful news.  We truly believe that all the prayers from our friends & family & your willingness to survive is what saved your life.  You truly are our miracle & we couldn't be any happier.
     I have another ultra sound scheduled for October 8th "for my own sanity" as the doctor put it.  He stated that he understands how difficult this has been for us & that I won't believe that everything is OK until I hear your heart beat again & he is absolutely right.  So we can't wait for our next ultra sound.  We feel so blessed that we have such wonderful friends & family who prayed so hard for you & we are grateful that you are a fighter with a will to live.
    As for the bad cramping I had on Wednesday, the doctor has no conclusive answer, but we believe it was you moving to the other side of my uterus with the help from God.  We are beyond ecstatic & are so blessed to know that you are going to be OK!!  So, you keep fighting & keep growing & we are going to keep praying & continue our countdown until we get to meet you.  We love you!!

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