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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dear Baby,
    Boy, did you give Mommy a big scare last night!  I have been feeling fine through the whole pregnancy & last night when I went to the bathroom before bed, I found some spotting.  I was very upset, but Daddy was supportive & calm.  It wasn't very much, but it still scared me.  I looked through all my baby books & it said that this is normal as long as it isn't heavy.  I haven't had another episode since & I don't want one!  I was so worried that something was wrong.
     I think about you all the time, every day & I just want to keep you safe.  Daddy & I have wanted you for so long & I just couldn't bear the thought of losing you.  You continue to grow & rest, but please, don't scare me like that again!  For now, you are grounded to your womb!

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  1. Big hugs. It'll be ok... Spotting can happen, as I'm sure your books indicated, because there are extra blood cells after implantation and initial amniotic establishment. Deep breaths and be good to yourself. =)