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Sunday, January 2, 2011

24 Weeks

Dear Ryan,
    I'm sorry it has been awhile since I have written to you.  We have been so busy with doctor appointments & the holidays, but be assured, we are ALWAYS thinking about you!  Two weeks ago we saw the Perinatalogist, Dr. Roth, & he was really nice.  We did find out that you have one kidney that is not working properly & will probably not work after you are born.  Daddy & I were very sad to learn of your issue, but the doctor said that you were in no pain & you wouldn't be in any pain once you are born & that you will be able to live a long, healthy, productive life with only the 1 kidney.  As sad as we are that you have to have this issue, we are so grateful that it isn't something more serious.  We are going to see a Pediatric Urologist to see if they think they can do anything with you kidney & he will also see you once you are born.  We know that God is watching over you & if it is something they can't fix, that you will be fine & you will always be perfect to Daddy & Me.
    Mommy is now getting her shots weekly to make sure you don't make an early appearance.  They are going well.  They don't hurt & I don't appear to have any side effects & the doctor thinks they are working well & that there is no reason to think you will appear too early, so we are also grateful for that news.
    You have been kicking a lot more lately, or at least, I am feeling you more often.  Daddy & I love to feel you move around.  You seem to really like music.   Every time we turn on music you start to move.  Daddy & I love music too, so we are thinking your love of music is starting early.  You also kicked Daddy in the head last week.  He put his head on my belly to talk to you & you kicked him in the temple!  It's OK, Daddy & I thought it was funny & cute.
    We celebrated Christmas 2 weeks ago.  Even though you aren't here yet, it was mostly about you, which is great!  I got you a little outfit that says "Handsome Like Daddy" & picture frames for all the Grandparents so they can proudly display your picture once you arrive.  We also celebrated New Years a few days ago.  Grandma & Grandpa came over & we put your room together!  It looks so nice & we are so excited for you to come.  All we need to do is put on your bedding & decorate.  Your Grandma Jill is making a slip cover for your glider rocker so it will match the nursery & we are really excited to see it completed.
    I go to the doctor on Tuesday for my 24 week visit.  I fully anticipate that everything is going to go great!  We also see doctor Roth again on the 21st.  He wants to check your "good" kidney again just to make sure that everything is still OK.
    Well Sweetheart, Daddy just got home & is making dinner, so I am going to go for now.  You continue to grow & kick & know how much we love you.  We will finally get to meet you in about 111 days...we can't wait.   

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