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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Dear Baby,
   Wow!  It has been a crazy few weeks over here, let me tell you!  However, Daddy & I have constantly been thinking about you as always.
   About 3 weeks ago, I was getting in the car to leave work & I fell.  I landed right on my bad knee (I have already had 2 surgeries on it).  Boy, did it hurt like crazy, but not as much as worrying if you were OK.   After talking to 20 different people, they assured me that since I didn't land on my stomach, that you were OK.  That made me feel better.
    As if the fall wasn't enough, last Saturday Daddy & I were out crib shopping for you.  We were having so much fun & then bam!  We were rear-ended in a car accident.  I was actually on the cell phone with Grandma when it happened (Daddy was driving) & was completely hysterical.  I called 911 & they sent an ambulance to take me to the emergency room.  I was so worried that you were hurt.  Luckily, the doctor was able to find your heart rate & it was beating normally...140.  I felt so much better.
    Now the countdown is on to find out if you are a boy or a girl.  The suspense is killing us over here.  I want you to know that no matter what, we will love you just the same & we are just blessed to have you.  I want to know so that we can paint your nursery & get cute bedding for you!  2 1/2 more weeks & we have our appointment to find out just what you are, better cooperate!  :)
   Last weekend Daddy & I were able to go crib shopping again & we got your crib & dresser/changing table.  It is really nice & we can't wait to bring you home.  I feel much better knowing that you now at least have a place to sleep. 
    Thursday is Thanksgiving.  You're going to love it because I am going to eat like a pig!  You have made me so hungry it is unbelievable.  You sure do eat a lot for being so small!  That's OK, anything to help you grow & be healthy.
    That's all we have to report at this time.  I just wanted to "check in" & fill you in on all the craziness that has been going on.  Hopefully, I will have some more news to report soon.  I still haven't felt you kick & wish that you would.  So again, I'm asking...please kick me really hard so I can feel you & know that you are in there & are OK.  You can sleep at night with Mommy & kick away during the day!  We love you sweetheart & can't wait to meet you!

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